How to pass parameters to VFP EXE

Passing command-line parameters from Windows to VFP created EXE is different from passing parameters to VFP programs or functions in VFP application:

  • All parameters are passed to EXE as strings
  • Parameters should not be enclosed in single quotes because quotes will be treated as part of parameter
  • Parameters with spaces can be enclosed in double quotes
  • Parameters are separated by spaces not commas

Difference between FUNCTION and PROCEDURE statements

Syntactically there is no difference between FUNCTION and PROCEDURE statements in VFP. In other languages, that have both statements, a function can return a value and a procedure cannot. In VFP the difference comes in the way a procedure/function is called. By default VFP passes parameters by value in call to the functions, by reference to the procedures ( DO ...) and only former allows for a return value.