How to retrive Outlook default signature

The Outlook signatures are stored in the %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Signatures\ folder in text, RTF and HTML formats.
In case of multiple signatures, the default can be found through Word automation. Tested in Outlook 2003 and later.

How to completely uninstall VFP 9.0

Uninstalling VFP 9.0 does not remove VFP settings stored in the registry or any files that have been added to installation after the fact.
To completely uninstall VFP 9.0

  1. Launch VFP and note directories returned by HOME() and HOME(7) functions
  2. Uninstall VFP
  3. Delete directories from step 1
  4. delete registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualFoxPro\9.0

Keep in mind that it will delete all previous VFP settings. You may want to make backup before doing that if you want to restore settings later.

Retrieving VFP runtime DLL name required by EXE or DLL

VFP stores in an EXE/DLL information about what runtime DLL is required to run it.

This is sample code. Add error handling and adjust to your requirements as necessary.

? VfpVersionFromExeOrDll("C:\Program Files\My Company\MyVfpApplication.exe")
? VfpVersionFromExeOrDll("X:\Somefolder\MyVfpDll.dll")

Send email via MSN email account

MSN SMTP server requires SSL connection on port 25.

Sample code below uses CDO 2000 class for sending emails

Send email via Yahoo mail account

Yahoo SMTP server requires SSL connection on port 465.

Sample code below uses CDO 2000 class for sending emails

Remove Structural CDX or Memo flag from a table

The VFP low level file functions (LLFF) can be used to open a table as a file and read/write its header. The Table Header Record Structure is documented in VFP help under Table File Structure.

Note 1 Removing Structural CDX flag will effectively disassociate CDX file from the table but not delete the CDX file.

Note 2 Removing Memo flag will allow to open a table and access all fields excluding memo fields. Attempt to access the memo fields will generate an error.


Deleting pages from PDF file through Acrobat automation

Detailed info on Acrobat automation can be found in Interapplication Communication API Reference from Acrobat 8.1 SDK or Acrobat 9.0 SDK at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/acrobat/?navID=downloads. Free registration may be required.

VFP OLE DB provider

The VFP OLE DB Provider allows other programming languages and applications to access Visual FoxPro databases and tables.

The VFP OLE DB Provider is 32-bit dll (VfpOleDB.dll) and cannot be used by 64-bit applications.

VFP OLE DB provider can be downloaded from here. It's the same version as the one included with Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2.


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