How to disable Task Pane Manager


Either of below will disable Task Pane Manager launch on VFP startup:

  • Click on the Task Pane's Options, Select Task Pane Manager in the treeview and uncheck Open the Task Pane when Visual FoxPro starts
  • Go to Tools, Options, File Locations and clear Startup Program. Click on Set As Default to save changes.
  • In the RegEdit go to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualFoxPro\9.0\Options key and blank out Data for Value Name _STARTUP.
  • Add _STARTUP= to a config.fpw. Only VFP instance that uses this config.fpw will be affected.


So simple, so hard to find - thanks

me two...thanks

This is a very old post, but I hadn't open VFP for years and wanted to do a few things today. I noticed the the Task Pane Manager had the close button, but when I clicked it turn to a disabled but didn't close (this only happens if you try to close the task manager pane before the command window loads). I stumbled across this post and while changing the registry setting might work, it's never a good idea to modify the registry.

Instead you can remove thie task pane manager from showing up within VFP itself via: Tools > Options > File Locations (tab) > Startup Program (scroll down). Highlight Startup Program and click the modify button. Remove "..\microsoft visual foxpro 9\", click "OK", then click the "Set As Default" button. If you don't click "Set As Default" the Task Pane Manager will run again the next time you fire up VFP.

You can create a .prg file to run the and add other commands to allow you full control as to what happens when you fire up VFP.

I hope this helps.

Only modify regedit option works for me.

I also just Blanked out the Value for _STARTUP (using REGEDIT as advised)

Thanks a lot.

Still the correct answer... Thanks.

Tanks for the tip, the task pane was driving me crazy, it tooks too much to star, now it´s gone, the second option works fine for me