VFP OLE DB provider

The VFP OLE DB Provider

allows other programming languages and applications to access Visual FoxPro databases and tables.

The VFP OLE DB Provider is 32-bit dll (VfpOleDB.dll) and cannot be used by 64-bit applications.

VFP OLE DB provider can be downloaded from here

. It's the same version as the one included with Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2.

The VFP OLE DB Provider recognizes any valid Visual FoxPro configuration file (config.fpw) that is stored in the same directory as the Provider. However, only the following settings in the configuration file are used by the Provider. They can be specified in a connection string as well.

  • MVCOUNT - sets the maximum number of variables that Visual FoxPro can maintain.
  • ENGINEBEHAVIOR - specifies the SQL Engine compatibility level.
  • TABLEVALIDATE - specifies the level of table validation to perform.
  • REFRESH - specifies how often local memory buffers are refreshed with changes from other users on the network.
Following properties can be set in a connection string but not in a config.fpw
  • DELETED=true/false
  • ANSI=true/false
  • CODEPAGE=nnnn
  • VARCHARMAPPING=true/false
  • Collating Sequence=cSequenceName


Since the VFP OLE DB Provider cannot be used by 64-bit applications,
what method could be used by other 64-bit applications?