Simple line wrap for a message box


When message is too long VFP message box provides a line wrap but it stretches out almost of the with of the screen. It's easy to implement a line wrap to specified number of characters using VFP memo handling capabilities.

How to disable Task Pane Manager


Either of below will disable Task Pane Manager launch on VFP startup:

Retrieving Printer Capabilities

In Enumerating printer forms article the DeviceCapabilities

function is used to mark print forms supported by particular printer. It can be used to retrieve other printer capabilities as well.

Getting additional info about pressed keyboard or mouse keys

The GetKeyState

function retrieves the status of the specified virtual key.

Keyboard Input Virtual-Key Codes


Virtual-Key Codes constants for Windows API Keyboard Input functions

VFP 9.0 Versions

VFP 9.0 version information for service packs and hotfixes.

Verify ActiveX presence and registration

An ActiveX installation on PC can be verified by finding its ProgID from OleClass property in the registry.