Appropriate license for this class not found error at runtime

Code that runs fine in development may generate Appropriate license for this class not found (OLE error code 0x80040112) at run-time.

Verify ActiveX presence and registration

An ActiveX installation on PC can be verified by finding its ProgID from OleClass property in the registry.

View PDF in VFP Form

MS Web Browser control can be used to display contents of different type of files, including PDF.

RTF Control with inline shortcut menu

The code below shows how to implement a shortcut menu in RTF control when user types '#' character into control. It uses code from Windows API support class and Pixels and Foxels


Read POP3 Mail using Winsock

Working pop3Email class is based on the code from by William Steinford.

Loading XML into a WEB Browser Control from Variable

The code below uses default Internet Explorer XSLT to convert XML into HTML.