Windows limitations on file and path name

The limitations have been pulled from Windows SDK header file

Using Sparse Files sample

Sparse files

are only supported under Windows 2000 and later and the file must be on a volume that is NTFS 5.0 or later.

File date and time


Code below shows how to retrieve file date and time using native VFP commands or WSH. For Windows API based solution that also allows to set file date and time, see George Tasker's Windows Time hosted on UT

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Determine Invalid Characters in File Name and Path

This is sample code. Add error handling and adjust to your requirements as necessary.

Copy, Move, Rename File Preserving Destination Name Case

The CopyFile() and MoveFile() WIN API functions preserve the case of the name for the destination file. Alternatively, WSH can be used. The source and destination file names should include the directory name in both cases.
Note 1 A Copy operation will not change file name case when destination file already exists (overwritten).
Note 2 The WinApiErrMsg is used to retrieve Windows API error message in case of error.