Font and Icons too small when RDP from Windows 10 into Windows 7


Since I upgraded my client computer to Windows 10 I would get small Icons and fonts when I have to restart host Windows 7 computer remotely and logging through RDP session. In that case it looks like 125% DPI set on host computer is ignored. If I log locally after restart/reboot first, remote session respects 125% DPI.

Powershell - Benchmark Command

Powershell comes with a cmdlet called "Measure-Command" that can execute a block of commands and measure how long it takes to run. It's analogous to the unix "time" command.

What if you want to run something a number of times and take the average?

End-user account info from Active Directory for Windows network login

Relevant links:


loAdUser = ADUserInfo()
? "cn:",
? "department:", loAdUser.department

Fix VFP file associations to open files in one VFP instance

The files associated with VFP are opened in a new instance of VFP when double-clicked or 'Open' verb is executed on them. It's configured in Windows not in VFP.

Windows limitations on file and path name

The limitations have been pulled from Windows SDK header file


* Maximum length of full pathname
#define MAX_PATH 260
* Maximum length of path component
#define MAX_DIR 256
* Maximum length of file name component
#define MAX_FNAME 256
* Maximum length of extension component
#define MAX_EXT 256

Determine Invalid Characters in File Name and Path

This is sample code. Add error handling and adjust to your requirements as necessary.

* Returns the list of characters that are not allowed in the file names
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