Remove Structural CDX or Memo flag from a table

The VFP low level file functions (LLFF) can be used to open a table as a file and read/write its header. The Table Header Record Structure is documented in VFP help under Table File Structure.

Note 1 Removing Structural CDX flag will effectively disassociate CDX file from the table but not delete the CDX file.

Note 2 Removing Memo flag will allow to open a table and access all fields excluding memo fields. Attempt to access the memo fields will generate an error.


Check if table is part of DBC

It is easy to find out if a table belongs to the open Database Container (DBC) using INDBC() function. Sometimes it's necessary to check it w/o referring to DBC itself.

VFP implementation of GetZipComment and GetZipFilesList for ZIP acrchives

VFP class below allows retrieval of a ZIP file comment or a list/count of files in the ZIP archive. It uses VFP low level file functions (LLFF) to directly read the ZIP file.

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