Alphanumeric key incrementing routine


Creates next string key from the passed one using specified set of characters

Adler32 Checksum

Adler32 is different from CRC32. It's much faster but a little bit less reliable. The free ZLIB.DLL from has a function to calculate Adler32.

Add Background Image to VFP desktop

The code below shows how to add a background image to the VFP desktop using the VFP Image control.

Week number in a Month


Content Assist Duplicates in Eclipse (Mylyn)


If you have installed Eclipse 3.3 from an official bundle or you have installed the Mylyn plug-in then there's a good chance that you might have started seeing duplicate entries when using content assist.

Excel - Convert Unix Time to Excel Time


If you ever find yourself needing to convert from UNIX time in Excel, here's the solution.

Toying With Tapestry 4

These are my impressions after using Tapestry for a couple of weeks. I review the flaws and joys that I found in using Tapestry.

Mline UDF - Return specific line


The ufn_Mlines() UDF for SQL Server is similar to the VFP Mline() function but w/o third parameter.
It's more an example than finished UDF. I didn't do much testing on it.