Retrieving Extended File Properties


When you right-click a file in Windows Explorer and select Properties from the shortcut menu, a dialog box displays basic properties for that file, including such things as file name, file size, and the file creation, last access, and last modification dates. In addition to these basic properties, the Windows operating system also tracks a number of extended file properties. These properties are typically hidden; to display them in Windows Explorer, you must click View, click Choose Details, and then select the desired properties from the resulting dialog box.

The Shell Folder object includes a GetDetailsOf method that allows to access these extended properties. A ParseName method

can be used to retrieve a FolderItem object that represents a specified item.

Using XmlAdapter to Create and Load Nested XML


An XmlAdapter in VFP 9.0 allows to create and load nested XML.

Loading XML into a WEB Browser Control from Variable

The code below uses default Internet Explorer XSLT to convert XML into HTML.